5 Must Use Marketing Tools for 2017

Marketing as you know it, is always changing. The trends from 2015 to 2016 changed tremendously as more businesses started to ramp up their “untraditional” marketing strategies. What were these new tools companies experimented with in 2016? We will give you a hint: they are platforms that your customers use every day. Magazines? Newspapers? Traditional radio? NO! The answer my friends is social media!

So what are the 5 must use marketing tools for 2017?

#1 Marketing Tool for 2017 – Facebook

More than 80% of your potential customers are on Facebook multiple times a day. You have to be crazy not to budget in Facebook Ads for your 2017 marketing strategy. Let’s explain.

Why invest in Facebook? Marketing statistics show that social media alone has the highest ROI when it comes to your marketing dollars. How is this? Social media platforms like Facebook allow us to pinpoint and target the exact audience we want seeing our business. This ensures no dollars are wasted on people who have little interest in buying our services or products.

Let’s dig a little deeper. Most businesses do not invest in Facebook Ads because they can be a bit time consuming and confusing. Others will just “boost” a post and hope for the best. But, companies that do this will see little ROI. That’s why we exist! We’re here to help businesses gain a competitive edge over their competition. How? We’ll start with a competitor analysis, then create your ads, target your audience, launch¬†your campaign, and finally track your results.

Oh, and Facebook Live… get on it!

#2 Marketing Tool for 2017 – Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms to date. Why? Well it started out as just a way for people to share pictures. Then, it was purchased¬†by Facebook and during this time businesses started to see some serious results with their own company pages. It’s easy actually. You need to market where your customers are, and they are on Instagram.

Instagram now has a new tool similar to snapchat. Use it! Whether you own a gym, nonprofit, online store, manufacturing business, people want to see the ins and outs and everyday operation of your business. It helps build you brand and grow your brand loyalty. Plus, it’s a great avenue to sell your services or products, offer special coupons, or just say hi! Like Facebook, you can now go LIVE on Instagram.

#3 Marketing Tool for 2017 – Email

Email has been around for ages now, yes. However, the way you email has changed a bit. And, the way you setup and attract new leads for your email lists has evolved, and it’s awesome!

New age email = automation. What is email automation? Email automation allows your business to collect leads, and nurture those leads through your sales process, AUTOMATICALLY! Example; you go to a website, they have a lead capture pop-up. This lead capture may be a coupon that you’re interested in. Now, you see that specific coupon because that company knows what page you are visiting on their website. You click on it, give your information in order to receive your coupon and what is next? You’re receiving emails. The first, a coupon! Then without you even really knowing it, you are getting emails from this company, and you love them! More offers, new product alerts, and BAM. You’re a repeat customer.

#4 Marketing Tool for 2017 – Retargeting Ads

Studies show that 9 out of 10 visitors on your website will leave before converting. A conversation may be buying something on your site, opting in to your email list, or contacting you for more information. So how do we get those 9 people to come back and convert? The answer my friends is Retargeted ads!

What are retargeted ads? These are ads that will show up on your customer’s Facebook feed, or perhaps another website they have visited. But, these ads are only going to show up for the people who have already visited your website! This allows you to retarget someone who came to your website but left. Now, we have the ability to market to them, to push them along a bit more so they come back and we can make a sale!

#5 Marketing tool for 2017 – Video

Video is the new billboard. (Unless that billboard does video ads) What we’re trying to say here is you can explain your service and or product in less than 60 seconds with a video than you ever could with a plain text ad. Images and text are important, but video is exciting and an extremely useful marketing tool.

What types of videos can your business leverage into their online marketing strategy?

  • Welcome video on your homepage
  • Product launch video on your online store
  • Or perhaps a video that tells your businesses’ story and impact on the community

Whatever you choose, video tells a story best. Video explains a product best. Video makes people understand faster, and convert often. Start using it!

There you have it. 5 pretty simple marketing tools to utilize in your 2017 strategy.

About the Author

With over 8 years of digital marketing experience, Dan Tramontozzi has helped numerous companies in several niche markets develop a stronger online presence using today's top digital and social marketing strategies.