Marketing Analytics

If you're not tracking your marketing efforts, you're not marketing efficiently.  

Understanding Marketing Analytics

What is Marketing Analytics? It is the practice of measuring, testing, managing and analyzing your company's marketing performance.

Importance of Marketing Analytics

Why are Marketing Analytics so important? If you cannot measure and see how well your current marketing strategies are working, how are you able to improve your return on investment (ROI)? Understanding marketing analytics allows us to be more efficient in our marketing approach. It also allows us to minimize wasted marketing dollars on ads that are not performing up to par.

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Marketing Analytics - How and Where to Start

Statistics show that over 85% of the US is online. Which is why your business not only needs to be online, but reachable to potential customers. Having the below marketing strategies in place for your business is important, but if you are not measuring how well each is performing, expect wasted dollars and low ROI. 

Where to start?

Paid Facebook Ads - allows your business to pinpoint the exact target audience you are looking for, boost engagement, and grow sales. 

AdWords - AdWords are probably the #1 search marketing tool as clicks result in high quality leads and higher ROI.

Google Analytics - If your company does not integrate Google Analytics with your website, you are missing out on A LOT of useful data

MailChimp - We use Mailchimp for our email marketing services. MailChimp has built-in analaytics that shows you data about each campaign

Social Media - just about every social media platform allows you to look at how well each post is performing

How to start?

We are experts when it comes to providing our customers with marketing analytics. We're ready to join your team and start building, measuring, and managing your marketing strategies!