Email Marketing

Email is still on of the most effective ways of marketing, keep it up!

Understanding Email Marketing

Today, email marketing is more than just sending out a monthly newsletter that gets an open rate of 3%. Email marketing has evolved into a science most marketers use as their CRM system. With effective email marketing, you can grow your business' brand loyalty, repeat customers, and increase engagement.

Email Marketing Automation​

Many company's are starting to integrate their websites with automated email marketing. This allows them to create a lead capture on their site, collect a lead, and start nurturing that lead through a series of automated emails. In addition, we can track and test how each email is doing based on open rate, click rate, and user interaction.

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Why is Email Marketing Important?​

Having the correct email marketing strategies in place for your business is important in today's world of information and email overload. The ability to test and analyze data through a system such has MailChimp is key when it comes to the success of your email marketing.

Ready to get started?

Here at VisionThat, we help many companies with their email marketing campaigns. Our team is ready to join yours and build a successful email marketing plan that grows your lists and boosts your sales!