Logo Design

Can your customers recognize your business just from your logo?

The logo, your company's prized possession

#1 - Be creative

When coming up with your logo design, it's important to be creative with your ideas. Think about your industry and what catches people's eye, but make sure to stand out a bit.

unique idea
logo design

#2 - Keep it simple

Crazy complex logos tend to be confusing to an audience if they cannot tell what exactly it is right off the bat. When creating a logo, be creative, but try to keep it simple.

#3 - Brand it

Once you have a solid logo design in place, start marketing it. What do we mean? Start placing it on all your marketing materials: ads, video, website, social media posts, etc. Start bringing recognition to your brand through your logo.

brand logo


Here at VisionThat, we have designed numerous logos to build company recognition. We're ready to design your logo and boost your brand recognition!