AdWords & PPC Marketing

Looking for high-quality leads with a high ROI?

Understanding AdWords & PPC Marketing

AdWords, along with organic SEO are the two major factors in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). AdWords allows your company to bid on specific keywords and phrases that your customers are searching online. When a customer sees your ad and clicks, there is a good chance that customer is a high-quality lead and will likely result in a conversation for your business.

How to Optimize AdWords Campaigns

Many company's who implement AdWords into their SEM strategy often leave out important steps, such as optimizing each campaign. There are many features tied to AdWords, such as; which PPC Campaign is right for you, how to target by location, age, gender, etc, and how to measure your bid strategy.

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AdWords Campaigns - Where and How to Start

Where to get started

Competitor Analysis - it's important to know what keywords your competitors are bidding on

AdWords Setup - Setting up specific campaigns to get maximized results is key

Landing Pages - don't waste your money on sending people straight to your homepage, rather a lead converting landing page will see better results

Nonprofits - Are you a nonprofit? Did you know Google gives nonprofits grants for AdWords Campaigns!?

How to get started

We manage numerous AdWords Campaigns for many companies in a handful of different industries. We are ready to join your team and help grow your Search Engine Marketing Strategy through a strong, optimized AdWords campaign!