Facebook Retargeting Ads – How Powerful Are They?

You may have heard people talking about Facebook Retargeting Ads, but what are they and how do you set them up?

Believe it or not, Facebook retargeting ads can work for any kind of business. Yes, ANY! Whether you are a huge corporation, or a 1 man band running your small business, retargeted ads can help you drive more traffic to your website. And, not just any old traffic. Retargeted ads attract only those who have already visited your website!

Facebook Retargeting is Powerful & Fairly Inexpensive

When speaking with most small business owners, the one place they are always hesitant to invest in is new marketing. Let us be the first (or 100th) to tell you that marketing changes all the time and you must change with it.

We’re sorry to say, print ads and radio are dead! Why? Simple, you must market where your audience is. And, we can bet you your audience is on Facebook at least 2-3 times a day, if not more!

But why is this type of Facebook Marketing so powerful? Let us explain!

Retargeted ads only hit leads that have already visited your website. So why is this so important and effective? Because, those people have already showed an interest in what you have to offer. We call these people “high-quality leads.” Now, studies show that more than 90% of people¬†who visit your site will not buy or opt-in for your products or services the very first time they visit.

So how do we get back in front of them? Facebook Retargeting! We use a specific Facebook Pixel (tracking code) and place it on your site. What this does is it tracks anyone who visits your site. How? By collecting their IP address.

Then, we create an ad on Facebook that triggers just that specific audience we get from the Facebook Pixel code. Now, we are only marketing or “retargeting” quality-leads who have already visited your¬†site. This allows us to spend our marketing dollars on leads who are more likely to buy.

And, the best part = you can setup your ads so you are only charged when someone actually clicks on your ad and visits your site again.

Where Have I Seen Facebook Retargeting Ads Before?

Facebook Retargeting AdsEver shop on Amazon.com for some new shoes? You know those shoes that you are just dying to get, but… they are a bit too expensive? So you leave Amazon without buying the shoes.

Now, hours have gone by and it’s late at night. You’re in bed and browsing your Facebook feed one last time before nodding off.

While your browsing through your feed, SOMEHOW that pair of shoes shows up in an Amazon ad, with a direct link to buy.

“But, how did Facebook know I was searching for those shoes,” you may ask. They didn’t! But, Amazon did! They have a retargeted ad for just about every product sold on their website, this type of marketing does not cost them much. However, it boosts their sales through the roof!

Their ability to pinpoint their audience and know what exactly they are shopping for is that “new marketing” we spoke about. And, you and your business can pull off the same exact strategy today!

If you’re looking for some help in building & launching Facebook Retargeting Ads for your business. Contact our team today!

About the Author

With over 8 years of digital marketing experience, Dan Tramontozzi has helped numerous companies in several niche markets develop a stronger online presence using today's top digital and social marketing strategies.