Real Estate Marketing – How to Stand Out

In today’s world full of marketing, there are some real estate marketing strategies you want to take advantage of to get noticed over other real estate agents. Though, most of these strategies are no different than what everyday marketers use on their own companies, they work for real estate as well!

The good news, many realtors don’t have the time or budget to implement them. So if you do, congratulations you have the upper hand.

The other good news, if you don’t have the time and need help. VisionThat is here for you!

Invest in Your Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

There is a rule with marketing. It’s called INVEST. Companies that do not invest in new age marketing tend to lose business over their competitors who are taking advantage of these strategies.

So the number one rule you must have when moving forward with your marketing is INVEST, don’t half ass it!

Control Your Online Presence

When you join a real estate agency what do they give you in return? You may think they are giving you a lot when you have your own personal REMAX website that looks EXACTLY the same as thousands of other realtors who work for that company. If you believe this, you’re wrong.

This website limits you on what you can control. Content, photos, SEO, inbound marketing, tracking, automation, just to name a few, are all limited!

This brings us to our first step in controlling your online presence – build your own personal website! By having your own website that you can manage, you can start marketing yourself online through blogs, SEO, SEM, paid search, email, social media, etc.

Although it may be almost impossible to outrank the big shots like Trulia, Zillow, & you can still invest in your own website to share value with your leads. Something you cannot do with a “one size fits all” agency website.

Automated Lead Capturing & Nurturing

This brings us to our next real estate marketing strategy – automated lead nurturing, also know as direct response marketing.

Let’s give you an example. Say you’re out at an open house and someone hits your personal website. On your website you offer them a free CMA or other offer they opt-into.

Now that you have a personal website that you can manage, we can start emailing these leads AUTOMATICALLY. That means you can send emails to hot leads without actually doing it. Once it is setup, it runs on its own.

These automatic emails can include video, valued content, information about yourself, etc.

Retargeted Social Media Ads

90% of people who visit your site will not convert or interact with you on that site the very first time they visit.

That means we have to set up a retargeting campaign that will track their visit, and display them ads on social media, reminding them that you are still here to help. The best part of this strategy is that it is FREE, until that lead clicks on your ad being displayed.

Why is this good? They’ve already been to your site. Returning for a second time means they are very interested and will most likely opt-in or contact you about buying or selling.

Track Your Marketing Efforts

What good is spending money on marketing if you do not know what type of ROI you are getting on each?

With today’s new age marketing which consists of mostly online, digital, and social media, it is easy to track everything you do! This allows us to invest in ads that are working and tweak those that are not. It also ensures that no marketing dollars are wasted on campaigns that have low ROI.

So there you have, the steps to boost your real estate marketing, increase leads, and sky rocket sales!

  1. Control your own personal website
  2. Automate the lead capturing & nurturing process
  3. Retarget high-quality buyers and sellers
  4. Track your marketing efforts

As an added bonus to our readers, we are offering you insight to 7 secrets top realtors use to market themselves and double sales.

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About the Author

With over 8 years of digital marketing experience, Dan Tramontozzi has helped numerous companies in several niche markets develop a stronger online presence using today's top digital and social marketing strategies.